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  • Technology Roadmap

  • You’re in business to grow – be it selling more products, more services, or attracting more customers. As your business grows, your IT infrastructure must also grow to accommodate the growth of your business. Businesses that have a long-term strategic plan in place for their network can respond proactively to their changing business goals saving them both time and money. Virtually every business we have visited in Winnipeg has no long-term IT strategy in place that matches the vision of where they want their business to be in the next 5 years. Without a plan, a lot of time, energy, and costs are put towards reacting to whatever is burning red hot today, stirring the coals in the stuff that is a little too warm for comfort, and you end up too tired to focus on the business objectives you would really like to work on. This is why having a Technology Roadmap is so important to all businesses, big or small.

    A Technology Roadmap, or IT Roadmap, is a proactive plan which outlines your short-term and long-term goals. Technology Roadmaps provide key information which helps organizations make more informed decisions about technology investments.

    In short, you need a Technology Roadmap.

  • Our Technology Roadmap Approach

    Our approach to your custom Technology Roadmap ensures that your investment in technology is always working towards your business goals.

  • Listen and Learn

    In our initial meetings, you talk and we LISTEN. We want to discover your long term goals for your business. Are you planning to buy a competitor? Will you need to hire more staff? Are you planning to add new locations? Do your existing staff want to access sensitive business data from home? We want to understand your existing network pains.

  • Develop Your Technology Roadmap

    Our network and technology roadmap specialists will analyze the information you provided and design a roadmap that meets your business' strategic goals. This plan will resolve your network pains. We will then meet with you and review your custom Technology Roadmap.

  • Implement Your Technology Roadmap

    Based on your direction and budget, we will implement the items addressed in your Technology Roadmap. You are in control during the whole process. You decide which items to implement, in which order, and the timeframe to complete them. Scenic Solutions Group offers a wide variety of IT services that will allow your roadmap to be seemleessly implemented, such as Web DesignManaged IT Services and Hosting.

  • Annual Review of Your Technology Roadmap

    Your business is always changing and growing. Your Technology Roadmap must change and grow with your business. We provide annual reviews of your roadmap to ensure that it is still current and is meeting your business needs. We will adjust the plan based on the changes in your business outlook, your industry, and any changes in IT best practices.

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