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  • Web Design

  • Scenic Solutions Group offers a variety of web design and development work for any sized project. Whether you are small start-up company or an existing business that wants a FRESH new presence on the web, we can do it for you. If your business requires your visitors to store information for future use, we can do that! And our web design approach ensures that visitors can readily view your website on any device.

  • Key Web Design Elements

  • Our proven method of web design will deliver a website that will improve your presence on the internet by building your site based on 5 key elements:

  • Good Visual Design

    Your website design must draw in and keep visitors. The design must be simple, with content that interests the visitor and is easy to navigate. For instance, we use colours, fonts and graphics to ensure the visitor has a positive experience.

  • Responsive Design

    A great CTA button can direct users, get them to take a desired action, improve conversion rates, and ultimately help your website achieve its defined objectives

  • Persuasive Call-to-Actions (CTA)

    Call-To-Action buttons encourage visitors to take immediate action on your website. A great CTA button can direct users, get them to take the desired action, improve conversion rates, and ultimately help your website achieve its defined objectives. For example: "Find out more" or "Request a Quote" or "Buy Now".

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

    The latest SEO standards are adhered to; thus, your site is easier to find in search engines such as Google.

  • Aligns With Your Business Strategy

    Your website must reflect the vision you have for your business. As your business grows and changes, so must your website. A simple web design will allow your website to grow and change along with your company.

  • Our Web Design Process

  • Website Planning

    During the website planning phase, you talk and we listen. First, we learn about your business, your customers, your current business goals and your future goals. Second, we discuss how you see your website aligning with your business strategies and the type of visitor you wish to attract to your site. Finally, we want your website to stand out from your competitors. We research your competitors to ensure that your website design is as unique as your business.

  • Design and Build

    Based on the requirements and research gathered during the planning phase, we will develop a plan and design. The plan and design will be presented to your for your approval before building your website. As we build your website, you will have many opportunities to view the site and provide feedback. Once built, we will thoroughly test your website on various devices and browsers.

  • Website Launch

    Once we have thoroughly tested your website, we will walk you through your new website a final time to ensure that it meets all your requirements. Finally, we crack open the champagne and launch your new website.

  • As your one-stop shop, we can host your new website and manage your site. Give us a call to start the discussion about how we can help you improve your business presence on the web.

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